Frequently Asked Questions & Answers - Ikon Business Solutions

Yes, we can, just contact us and we can advise you, and can set up a PAYE scheme on your behalf*.

*Additional fee applies

This is a common misconception due to the fact that employee figures are all re-set to zero at the beginning of the tax year. With our robust on-boarding process, including free parallel run and reconciliation of HMRC figures and pension schemes, you can change at any point in the year.

Our payroll software can handle unlimited bespoke payments and deductions, for example non-taxable re-imbursement of employee expenses. Unlike some large national providers, we do not charge extra to set up additional payment or deduction elements.

This means you need to start enrolling your eligible employees into a company pension scheme, and write to all employees, eligible or not, explaining their options.

Yes we provide a P11D service, both for our existing clients and to non-clients. Please ask us for a quotation.

Yes, our payroll software will produce a file compatible with most banks’ online payment software.

No, we do not charge a set up fee if you move to us*.

*If information supplied in excel or csv. Extra charge may apply if manual input of data is required

No, this is included in our per payslip price.

We are unable to assist you with choosing a scheme as this is considered financial advice which is a regulated industry.

We can however set a scheme up for you with your chosen pension provider*.

*Additional fee applies